Sobre Gorobets

André Gorobets

5 years ago, I changed my design style.
I gave up to please all tastes and plunged into the Russian art and Brazilian indigenous art to find new influences and create a proper identity.

Part of the fascination with indigenous Slavs and drawings comes from family. I am a Brazilian artist of 31 years and great-grandson of Soviets – the surname means
a sparrow in the country. And also my paternal great-grandmother has indigenous origin. In a way, I picked the family roots, but that was not all.

Brazilianized “with Mamluks, african and indigenous elements,” Russian influence combines drawings of sinuous lines
and multicolored, where textures are highlighted, that impress personally by the level of detail.

I mix various painting techniques such as acrylic painting, collages, pens, pencils watercolor, spray paint, latex, in different materials.

Currently my themes of painting are related to Daily life Brazilian, typical and folkloric figures mingle with influence
of Psychology, Surrealism, Street Art, Pop Art and Cubism Brazilian Portinari.